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Regarding Mark Krause, Alleged Arkansas Soda Can Bomber

A man with local ties, Mark Krause, was recently apprehended in Seattle, WA, on charges he is the individual responsible for the improvised explosive device planted at Osage Baptist Church earlier this year.

I am the copyright owner of images of Mark appearing at Talking Points Memo (since removed; I appreciate managing editor, David Kurtz, taking swift action) and elsewhere. At this time, the only entity to receive my permission to run my images is the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. All other usage is unauthorized.

If you are found to be using my copyrighted materials you will be notified to cease and desist immediately. Failure to comply will result in legal action. That you located the image(s) on Myspace or Facebook or via Google Image Search matters not.

If you are interested in using my photographs of Mark Krause, submit a query to me at and I will respond in short order.

I will update this page as needed.

[edited to note TPM action on my requested C&D]

Thank you in advance.


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