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About me and other, class-related schtuff

Now that a proper "About me [LINK]" page has been created, let me drop a line or two about my expectations and my personal project for the semester.

Expectations: Honestly, this is perhaps the first time I've felt any excitement about my education at UA since transferring in 2009.

In recent years, professionally, I've begun to pick up the occasional gig as a production assistant, working video shoots in and around NW Arkansas.

The money is very good, but the biggest thrill is that of working around motion picture production.

Sure, my first love is for the still frame, but I can pursue that on my own. I get a charge out of working as a team on video shoots, and I love the pace.

Regarding my final project for the semester, I think I'll take a stab at presenting a friend of mine, a silversmith, via a brief documentary piece. More on that, later.

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